COVID-19 Resources

Internet access for Students and Staff by county.

Internet providers by county. Some providers are providing help in getting Internet to under served or increasing bandwidth to accommodate distance learning.

Professional Development resources from MDE:

Join experienced practitioners as they share strategies, tips, and tools to facilitate the transition to distance learning.

Peer to Peer help for teachers, tech support and administrators.

Distance Learning Video hints;

– Pick a solution for your entire district so it can be more easily supported by the district and families.

– Try the solution in a real-world setting. Set up a trial with worst case scenarios. 

– Some home internet may not be able to support video, so try audio only.

– Be prepared for phone call only meetings.

– Have a backup plan to the backup plan. (build the lifeboat first)

– Teach proper etiquette to students: use earphones/buds, mute mic unless you are going to ask a question, use chat function to ask a question, etc. Some providers like Cisco Webex, Google, Zoom and others have resources for students and teachers, use them.

Free E-learning Subscriptions:

Distance learning planning:

– MREA has a good resource: